Michael Q. Pink’s materials are the cream of the crop. When he shares information with you, it’s not theory, it’s something he’s experienced, so he knows it works. I highly recommend this information to anyone who’s in a rut and/or who’s committed to improve.


Our family is growing a bigger garden this year, and we’re still learning that it requires more attention than we gave our smaller garden in previous years. So this morning I went out to work while it was still reasonably cool, i.e., below 90 degrees, which is relatively cool for 9 a.m. on June 22 in central Texas. 

My wife and I had discovered that the mid-section of our garden had (overnight?) become overgrown with 4 feet tall weeds. While we had been tending corn, lettuce, spinach and potatoes, our tomatoes, peppers and black-eyed peas were disappearing behind the inedibles. 

After about an hour and a half, I was just about spent. I’d filled 2 huge trash cans full of weeds. The space wasn’t clear, but at least we can now see the ground when we want to navigate from point A to point B.

Bending over to pull up a last handful of weeds, I thought how tending the garden was similar to what I’ve been doing in both the business and personal areas of my life: expanding, and then learning what it takes to maintain the new levels that I desire. I realized that the insight came from God, and so I thanked Him, acknowledging that I wasn’t smart enough to make that connection on my own.

Here was His response, “I know. That’s why I told you, son.” I think I’ll keep listening for what He says next.

I am reading a book now by Andrew Wommack which I believe can be a game-changer for many Christians. If you’ve ever “named it” but couldn’t figure out why you weren’t able to “claim it,” (healing, finances, whatever), if you’ve ever longed to be more like Jesus, or if you are tired of being defeated by the enemy, then I highly recommend this book.

Andrew details how too many Christians mistakenly look only to what they can see, hear, taste, smell or feel for confirmation that God’s power is manifesting in their lives. That’s the “Body,” and relying on it, Andrew says, is like trying to push a train with the caboose.

Instead, we need to learn how the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us. While our bodies and minds may not be perfect, our spirits were made perfect when we made Jesus the Lord of our lives. As we then, by faith, continually grow in that realization, we will grow in manifestation and in victory.

Here’s the Amazon link to his book: http://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Soul-Body-Andrew-Wommack/dp/1606830058/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1371827861&sr=1-4&keywords=andrew+wommack

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My wife and I just watched a fascinating movie, “Lloyd’s of London,” made in 1936. From what I’ve read over the years, the story contained much information that was factually accurate. The movie starred Freddie Bartholomew (at the time, the 2nd highest paid child star in Hollywood, behind only Shirley Temple), Tyrone Power, and Madeleine Carroll. Bartholomew actually got top billing over Power, who, in his first starring role, played Bartholomew’s character as an adult. But once the movie hit theaters, Power, 22 at the time, became an overnight sensation. For some reason, I did not recall seeing Ms. Carroll before, but she was stunning, and at the time, she was the highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

The movie traces the development of insurance in England in the late 1700’s. Lloyd’s was a coffee house where information was exchanged. Men began to share in the risk that ships encountered bringing cargo to and from England. When a group of men, or a “syndicate,” agreed to share part of the risk, they would write their names under the list of the ship’s cargo. Hence the term “underwriter.”

There are several other familiar faces in the movie. The story and the acting are both well worth watching, especially for anyone interested in history and/or finance. Here is a link to imdb’s information on the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0027902/.

Day 28—Today’s WORD on Money™: 3 World Views

Making either the “left” or the “right” one’s primary worldview causes distortions that will ultimately result in unfairness, failed human endeavors and failed systems of government.

Is anyone besides me ready for the political bickering in America to tone down? I understand that disagreements won’t end, since we have Freedom of Speech, but now most “civil discussions” have been replaced by shouting matches, with all participants rudely interrupting each other. That is not how our parents and grandparents taught us to behave! Please allow me to share some insights into how we can complete instead of compete.

I wish I could share this word picture with every U.S. citizen who is now or is soon to be of voting age. Picture an equilateral triangle with 2 corners at the bottom and 1 at the top, like a pyramid.1 Let’s label the top corner “Transcendent.” Call the bottom left corner “Left,” and the bottom right corner “Right.” Now let’s explore 3 major worldviews.

The “Transcendent” worldview originated in the Judaic culture and now resides mainly in the Judeo-Christian religious sector. Proponents of this worldview hold that God or some creative force is the ultimate authority or owner. “Transcendent” proponents believe that funding should come from donations.

The “Left” worldview originated with the Greeks and now resides in the public sector. Proponents of this worldview hold that government should be the ultimate authority or owner. “Left” worldview proponents believe that funding should come from taxes.

The “Right” worldview originated with the Romans and now resides in the private sector. Proponents of this worldview hold that acquisitors or entrepreneurs should be the ultimate authorities or owners. “Right” worldview proponents believe that funding should come from investments.

So the “right” proponents say something like, “If it’s to be, it’s up to ME,” while the “left” says, “If it’s to be, it’s up to WE,” and the “transcendent” says, “If it’s to be, it’s up to HE (God).” But further study of God’s Word reveals that all 3 views contain truth. In fact, if and only if the “transcendent” view is your “Big Picture,” then the 3 views can, and in fact, must work together. Making either the “left” or the “right” one’s primary worldview causes distortions that will ultimately result in unfairness, failed human endeavors and failed systems of government.

However, if (and only if) we acknowledge that God is the ultimate authority, then the 2 other perspectives are necessary components: 1) from the “right,” we realize that each of us needs to do our part in God’s Kingdom; 2) from the “left,” we realize that we all need to work together as the Body of Christ to bring about God’s purposes for this planet, and for each person on earth. But when any political party tries to take God out of the equation, that party is ultimately doomed to fail. If God is omitted and the “left” prevails, socialism or communism eventually result and ultimately fail when they provide no individual incentives. Likewise if God is omitted and the “right” prevails, then as unbridled capitalism results, kindness and mercy are lacking, and pure greed eventually brings the country to ruin.

I don’t know about you, but in recent years I have sadly watched many “solutions” from both the “left” and the “right” continue to fester, because God was not included in the solution. These observations were an additional incentive for me to write this book.

Next, we’ll discuss how crucial it is for legislators to understand the difference between fairness and justice.